On Sunday, September 7th Chef Sam Crannell will be participating in a guest dinner at the VUDE, with Hand of God Wines. Past, Present, Future Dinner ticket prices and details to follow.

Here is a proposed menu for the Past, Present, Future Dinner evening:

Amuse: Ricotta manoccotti c 2005 

1stsous vide portabello, goat cheese, saba 2004 

2nd: scallop and truffled pea puree c 2005

3rd: 75° yolk, baked potato consume, smoked cheddar, green onion, sour cream c 2014/ future

4th: buffalo frog legs, aerated blue, picked carrot c2007

5thbraised rabbit, potato gnocchi, vinegar air c 2008/2009

6thvenison ragu, chiatara, huckleberry c 2011/2014

7th: pork, ham spice, honey fluid gel, smoked yam, chesnut foam c2014/future

8th: maple ice cream and maple sugar



broccoli cheddar soup  ·  bacon, garlic bread   9

scallop crudo · shaved summer truffle, elderflower vinegar   17

shaved iberico ham and moroccan olive oil   16

country pork paté  ·  baguette, dijon, cornichon   13

white bean mousse  ·  cornichon, olives, radish, baguette   9

ricotta cake  ·  cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic, olive oil     12

roasted summer squash   ·   hazelnut pesto, parmesan  7



baby lettuces · sunflower seeds, manchego, poppy seed-buttermilk 10

snap pea salad  ·  radish, bleu cheese, sherry vinaigrette   10

cherry salad  ·  mostarda vinaigrette, delice de bourgogne, tartine    11

house pulled mozzarella  ·  asparagus, truffle vinaigrette, balsamic   14

manila clams & pork belly  ·  kimchi-beer broth   17

seared foie gras  ·  french toast, strawberries, maple gastrique  21



prime ny strip  ·  creamed bloomsdale spinach, aged balsamic   25/50

house fettuccine · sautéed morel, porcini, and oyster mushrooms 28

seared hawaiian ono  ·  vegetable ragu, crab & coconut curry broth   28

dungeness crab ·  house gnocchi, morels, corn, spring garlic   30

pork roast  ·  sweet n’ spicy barbeque sauce, house cavatelli   29

rack of lamb · smoked fingerling potatoes, chorizo, spring garlic  34


* all items on the menu may contain raw/undercooked products (egg, meat, poultry, shellfish),

which may pose health risks  **not all ingredients listed!!!  ***Limit 2 credit cards per table!