Press for Lloyd Martin

…Sam Crannell and his talented crew have created the restaurant that Seattle eaters say they want: The focus at this clubby haunt is squarely on the food, although there are well-made cocktails and an approachable wine list. The menu fluxes with the seasons and Crannell’s whims, but nearly every dish is a boldfaced celebration of superlative ingredients. ”

– Hanna Raskin

“LloydMartin Allures with Small Plates
A stylish new eatery opens on Queen Anne Avenue, serving food you won’t want to share”

– Allison Austin Scheff

“LloydMartin Brings Sophisticated Noshes to Queen Anne
A peripatetic Seattle chef brings aromatic meats and other fine noshes to a neighborhood that needed it”

– Kathryn Robinson

“LloydMartin’s Macho Competence
LloydMartin is working in an idiom thats pretty much in syndication around Seattle. But it’s doing so with admirable skil and capable service.”

– Hanna Raskin

“LloydMartin on Queen Anne is an unpretentious neighborhood restuarant, serving polished comfort food. Familiarity will likely breed fondness that will bring locals back often”

– Providence Cicero

“LM is the quintessential Seattle neighborhood restaurant: it’s a little hard to get to; it’s helmed by an accomplished and innovative chef who allows seasonal, local ingredients to inspire his constantly changing menu; and you get decidedly upscale food for way less than it’d cost Downtown or in Capitol Hill.”

– Bradley Foster

“Sam Crannell’s creative cuisine employs plenty of fresh, local ingredients in a rotating menu. Lloyd Martin is constantly innovating, yet somehow manages to fly under the radar. And though decidedly upscale, this restaurant doesn’t hit your wallet nearly as hard as others in the same vein.”

– Megan Hill

Lloyd Martin Reviews From the Web


I was out with my hubby in the Queen Anne neighborhood. We are both not originally from the Seattle area, so we were eager to experience the night life around here. We glanced through the window of How to Cook a Wolf and watered ourselves at Paragon before we walked into Lloyd Martin to settle into a great evening. Our bartender, Tyler, was extremely welcoming and played cocktail and wine navigator to us as we scanned the menu. We were blown away by the chicken liver mousse and were amazed by the smoked king oyster with pastrami. My husband, Jeremy, loved the rabbit pierogi and sweetbread dishes we both shared. Finally, we enjoyed some complimentary cheese balls, which were mind blowing. Great parting gift, right? I highly recommend Lloyd Martin for a date night or small evening gathering. It’s an A list of must-try Seattle restaurants from Tyler and the Chef Sam.

-Piali A.

Seattle, WA


This restaurant is a wonderful addition to the Queen Anne neighborhood. Chef Sam, the owner, was extremely hospitable and welcoming to us. Watching him run the kitchen is fascinating and humorous. The staff appears to enjoy coming to work here. Since Lloyd Martin rotates its menu very often I recommend asking a server the best current dishes in house. You won’t be disappointed.
-Rose M.
Seattle, WA


Lloyd Martin offers more than just fantastic cuisine, but a cozy and inviting dining room upon entrance. My husband and I appreciated dining on small portions, which encourages diners to experiment and order multiple items and share together. Our server was knowledgeable of the menu and shared the Lloyd Martin specialties without over selling to us.
-Asia V.
Seattle, WA


We celebrated an intimate birthday party one night at Lloyd Martin. Our experience was exemplary from the service, food and cocktails we ordered. Our server was enthusiastic and hospitable along the duration of our celebration. The menu rotates often, so it’s definitely worth several visits.
-YB C.
Seattle, WA


My birthday dinner at Lloyd Martin was delicious and memorable. The service and atmosphere is impeccable. Everyone here was very attentative and warm to us while we were dining. There are several gifted chefs here, because our meal was spot on. The atmosphere is cozy, low lit, and inviting. Looking forward to our next dinner at Lloyd Martin.
Cassie T.
Seattle, WA