LloydMartin’s namesake comes from owner Chef Sam Crannell’s grandfathers Lloyd and Martin. Sam Crannell’s vision of opening up a restaurant comes to fruition with his restaurant on top of Queen Anne hill. The restaurant has already turned heads within the community and notable food critics. Sam Crannell’s experience in cookery of all trades spans 10+ years. He is an innovator and creator. Crannell utilizes his own culinary inspirations and shares them to diners under the roof of LloydMartin. Chef Sam’s reason behind his restaurant opening is to curate ideas and have “free range” to cook on his own ideals.

The menu rotation model is spur of the moment. What is consistent is the fresh and ready availability that comes with only using ingredients in season. While fall months will be more consistent, the spring and summer months bear a rainbow of produce varieties that allow for more additions to the menu. Chef Sam notes that while there are root cooking techniques, the style of “New” or “Modern American” entails utilizing global products. That way there is no limitation on creation.

“Our restaurant has a pulse.” –Chef Sam Crannell

The Queen Anne neighborhood restaurant is a welcoming place to dine, have a drink and explore different tastes. With a rotating cuisine that utilizes seasonal food, the menu is always fresh with new surprises. To pair with this fine cuisine, sip a refreshing cocktail or browse their noteworthy wine list.